Would you call me by my name
    Quit denying my existence
    Wish me away all you want
    Ignore my presence
    But you don’t have a say
    I have arrived and I am here to stay

    Would you call me by my name
    I’ll tell you what’s in a name
    Lovingly bestowed
    The sweetest sound to these ears of mine
    Don’t you seem so dismayed
    Oh yes, I too, am somebody’s Babe

   Tell me what’s the use desecrating my worth?
    None other than you can set both you and I free, don’t you know?
    It’s simple and I’ll show you how
    Spit that bitter pill out
    Open your mind to the notion I may not be that bad
    Nna ke a dula mo!

   Would you call me by my name
    I carry it with no shame
    Talk down to me
    Undermine my humble contribution
    But here you can’t dictate
    To those you love who they should leave or take
    Why can you not say my name?                     
    The sight of me fills you with disdain        
    A mirror you aren’t
    From the upper crust of society                
    This face you’d love to hate            
    Is here for good you might as well eat cake    
    Nna ke a dula mo        
    Ke a dula mo
    Ga go mo ke yang, ke a bloma mo    
    Ke a bloma mo    
    Nna ke a dula mo, ke a dula mo
    Ga go mo ke yang, ke a dula mo    


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