She sighs
    She wants to know: “Where have I erred?
    I beg of you please, tell me my sins, so dark and vile
    That I’m so battered and bruised,
    Rudely robbed of my youth”
    Most times she fights
    Battling tooth and nail but frailty wins
    Oh how she’d do anything
    For a glimpse of hope, another year
    She says: “Jesus I trust in you”

    How do you love?
    When you have known so much pain
    You’re down on your knees
    Saying prayer after prayer
    You defy hell and fire
    With so much fortitude in your eyes
    Do you ever ask why?
    When you look him deep in the eye
    He who thieves lives
    Is there peace in his eye?
    Sadistic satisfaction
    As he locks you in a tight embrace
    Singing you lullabies you’d rather not hear

    It’s time
    In sheer desperation she clings on
    River-rafting against death’s waterfall
    Life ebbs away
    Were there words left unsaid?
    The taste of things left undone
    Is that a smile?
    The sight of surrender to what is
    A total acceptance death, too, heals
    It’s not the end
    A place where weary hearts rest their eyes


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