11. ASK

    Talk to me you can’t keep disappearing
    Into your shell of sulking until the ends of never
    Look at me, how bad can it be?
    Step into the light, Let you beauty shine
    In all its glory

    What is it you want?
    Go ahead and ask
    You keep making assumptions
    And then convince yourself they’re factual
    What is it you want?
    Be bold and ask
    You make assumptions
    And so your answer is always: No
    The answer’s always: No…..
    ‘Cause then you’ll never know

    Trust in me I’m on your side I’m cheering
    Though I know you well my eyes only see
    As far as you let them
    Close your eyes to futile mocking fear
    Pretend it’s now or never
    No guarantee we’ll be here tomorrow


    I bid you sleeping violet rise awake!
    Blue isn’t the only colour you can be
    You can be a rainbow it’s within your reach
    It’s been too long that you’ve been hiding in the shadows
    So take a leap of faith
    Be all you want and more


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