Ohh ohhh
Ke kgale o mpogisa
Pelo yame e thunthunyega
E rotha madi a ka tlala mawatle le dinoka
‘Nkganang se nthola morwalo
Meno masweu ‘pola’a a tshega idiom:
Onkgarotse metswi ya lorato
‘Tsatsi le diketse o tla l’lela mang

Why don’t you leave, Oh oh oh
Why don’t you leave me oh oh oh
Take your bags and baggage and go

Ohh ohh
Kgaotsa sel’lo seo sa diphiri
Meno a’go ke ao aa phuphurega :
Oa kgala motswedi wa maswi le tswina ya dinotshe
Ga se ‘jeno ontsola ditswalo :
O gasagane o ipegol’lela megodu
‘Tsatsi le diketse o tla l’lela mang


‘Tsatsi le diketse o l’lela mang
O tla l’lela mang

For the longest time you’ve been causing me to suffer
That my heart has been aching
Bleeding enough to fill up the seas and the rivers
What rejects me takes the load off of me
1*White teeth killer while laughing
You have pulled out the roots of my love
The sun has set, who will you cry for?

Stop that hyena cry
*2 “Now starts the grinding of teeth”
The well of milk and honey from bees is drying up
*3 It has been long that you’ve been stripping me bare
*4 scattered and “Un-hanging the stomach for yourself”
The sun has set, who will you cry for

The sun has set who will you cry for?
Who will you cry for?

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*1 White teeth in sight: When someone smiles at you, you’d assume they are your friend but they could stab you in the back

* 2 Grinding of teeth is an action associated with being in a dire, mournful state of emotion

*3 Someone strips you bare when they treat you with great disrespect, insult and contempt and clearly hold you in low esteem.

*4 Mogodu is the stomach of a slaughtered animal. In African custom, certain parts of a slaughtered animal’s innards were the privilege of men considered mature/elders. Naturally it is hung up after being cleaned. This idiom is used when a (young) man has helped himself to a privilege for which he is not entitled or authorized such as engaging in pre-marital sex and especially when a pregnancy has taken place.