Ke sune mang? Ke latlhe mang?
Yame pelo ga se potsane ke tshukudu
Ke tsoge fa, ke lale kwa
Kajeko le ntlhabetse le sena 'naka tsa mahube
I jo nna! Ke wa ga mang we?!

Ke mma molobeng,
Moitimokanyi wa bofelo
Ke lala ke tlola magora
Di kae dibataladi bo maratahelele
Pele o atlhola, pele ke kgwatha
Ke a bo ke ipobotse
Kana ga se ka bosutlha
E fela e le bokoa jwa senama
Gali-gali, phetola magosi matlakala

Ke ngoke yo, Ke rate yo
Na’are mosadi o a ke a nne le ‘pelo dipedi?
A ntshware yo, a ntope yo
Ke sale ke ikana ka Mme moswi gore ke bakile
Ke latlhile seditsi
Se se salang

Ke sune mang? Ke latlhe mang?
Ke ngoke yo, ke tile yo
Ke tsoge fa, ke lale kwa
Jaanong ke tshwaregile jaaka moloi
Ke rate mang? Ke latlhe mang?
Fa ke potile noga ka fa mosimeng
Ke sune mang?
Ke sune mang?

Who should I kiss? Who should I leave?
My heart is no baby goat but a rhino*1
I awake here, I lie there
Today it (the sun) rose without the horns of dawn*2
Oh, of who am I/ to whom do I belong?

I am a keeper of secrets
The last hypocrite
I spend nights leaping over boundaries
Where are the spies and eavesdroppers
Before you judge, before I get a lashing
Let me confess
mind you It isn’t out of any carelessness
It’s only weakness of the flesh
Lust lust, turn Kings dirt into dirt

I lure him in, I love the other
Can a woman really have two hearts?
One holds me, the other pleads with me
Then I vow on my mother’s grave to never do it again
I have thrown in the towel
But what remains….

Who shall I kiss? Who shall I leave?
I lure one in, I evade the other
I awake here, I lie there
Now I have been caught like a witch
Who should I love? Who should I leave?
Here I have followed the snake to its hole*3
Who shall I kiss?
Who shall I kiss?

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Ke sune mang? “Om te soen” in Afrikaans means to kiss and that’s where suna or sune has been borrowed from. Quite commonly used by Setswana/Sesotho speakers. I’ve been asked why I don’t use the Setswana word, "atla" as it would also fit perfectly. I believe my songs have an identity all of their own and I tend to leave them be and try to never impose. I feel they guide me as to their melody and words and how they want to be portrayed and I listen intently. Sune felt just right on this occasion. This is a confession by one who finds herself in the quagmire of an affair and has just been caught in the act??

*1 In the olden days the first thing one would see at dawn, were cattle horns (dinaka=‘naka) against the horizon (mahube) the backdrop of the rising sun. This idiom is used to describe a situation where an event happens suddenly without warning as opposed to the predictable, gradual process that is the beginning of sunrise.

*2 In one idiom: one’s heart (emotions) is likened to a baby goat which you can easily tie up to control.

*3 When one is out looking for trouble.